Interested in becoming a Helpline Volunteer?

Helpline Volunteers are active La Leche League Leaders in good standing.
For more information about volunteering, contact Laura.


Volunteering with Helpline is one way to maintain your active Leader status, especially if you are not able to lead meetings or have to cut back on activities due to family needs. Or it may be in addition to what you are already doing in LLL. The LLL Helpline – US work offers options where the time commitment fits a pace that works for you.

December 2016 ~ Volunteer of the Month:
Terri Aquilina

Mother of the Bride
Mother of the Bride

Hi all! My name is Terri Aquilina and I’ve been a Leader for 21 years. I helped with the LLLI Helpline in its original form way back when. We used paper logs and sent them in to LLLI after a shift. I have worked with the current US Helpline since its beginning.
My real reason for volunteering is completely selfish! I love helping moms and babies. Moms and dads and relatives call the helpline for all kinds of reasons. A lot of times they call because they feel their doctor won’t understand or won’t know the answer to their question. Sometimes they call because it is the weekend and they can’t call their doctor. Sometimes they have called their doctor and didn’t like his answer so they call the helpline. No matter why they call, they are so thankful that someone is available to help and support them. I love helping the dads that call. They are trying so hard to get help for their wives. I love helping the grandmas who call. They want so much to be able to support their daughters and daughters-in-law with breastfeeding. Of course I love the moms who call. Sometimes their questions are silly; sometimes they are very serious. Sometimes they just need someone to listen to them.

My current job is to send out the voicemails (messages from callers who don’t get through to someone live) to volunteers. I don’t work away from home and I homeschool my kids so I am available to check the voicemail situation many times a day. If the voicemails start to add up, I can email our yahoo list to ask for additional volunteers. I really love volunteering with the US Breastfeeding Helpline.